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Ultimate Disney Wedding

#1 Meet the Bride

Jaime Chandler opted for an Ariel inspired wedding look, complete with bold red hair and matching nautical accessories.
Meet the Bride - Copy

#2 Meet the Bro Prince

Christopher, err I mean, Prince Eric, is surrounded by his court of memorableDisney characters.
Meet the Bro Prince - Copy

#3 The Princess’s Princesses

In keeping with the Disney fanboy(girl?) theme, our bridesmaids wore gowns representing different Disney Princesses. Now I don’t want to offend anyone here, but I always that Cinderella pulled rank on all the other princesses, no?
The Princess's Princesses - Copy

#4 Almost Time!

We’re not exactly sure where this takes place, but if this is someone’s living room, we’re sensing a strong disney influence here as well. Notice the quote above the window valance.
Almost Time

#5 King Triton

Obviously, King Triton was on hand to walk his daughter down the isle. Unfortunately, this King Triton opted for a shirt on approach.
King Triton - Copy

#6 Interspecies Love!

Finally, Ariel and her Prince make it down the isle under a cloud of bubbles and a random floating Mickey head in the background. Party favor?
Interspecies Love - Copy

#7 Mickey

False alarm with that floating teal Mickey, it turns out he was up at the altar waiting to officiate our ceremony.
Mickey - Copy

#8 The Whole Gang!

Now, is this a movie set or some random small town? The bright red train leads us to believe fake set.The Whole Gang - Copy

#9 Catch It If You Can

Jaime’s beautiful bouquet is understated, yet still in theme with this lovelystarfish pin.
Catch It If You Can

#10 Party Time!

As you can see, the Disney motif was carried over to the reception hall decorations as well. Each table had a unique theme.
Party Time! - Copy

#11 Fit For A Gentleman

Or a drunk, pirate.
Fit For A Gentleman - Copy

#12 One for the Ladies

This table was either for all the little girls in attendance, or for the +30 single ladies scoping out the drunk pirates table. Or both?
One for the Ladies - Copy

#13 The Kiddie Table!

Surely, this must be the kiddie table?! Though it’s almost sacrilegious to not have a Woody on the table right?
The Kiddie Table! - Copy

#14 But Do They Dance?

I’m betting no. But you can’t win em all.
But Do They Dance


Of course, no Disney wedding would be complete without the quintessentialMickey and Minnie cake. Thoughts?

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