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27 Office Notes You Wish Your Coworkers Were Clever Enough To Leave

These are the hilarious and passive-aggressive notes left by annoyed coworkers you wish you found at your office to make the work day a little more tolerable.

The food thief is bored.
Save Mr. Potato Head.
They were asking for it.
We hope you like jamming too.
Asking the important questions.
Spoiled rotten milk.
Don't startle them.
Comic Sans is never acceptable.
The food thief is back.
And it's probably Debbie.
And she has herpes now.
Office rhyming.
They won't notice the difference.
You ever want to see your precious pen again?
The passive-aggressive way to deal with passive aggressive notes.
Great way to deal with a slow printer.
Never leave notes when you work with editors.
The door is easily scared.
How to get the dishes done.
Nobody wants ants.
Watch out, we got a badass over here.
The office germaphobe found the labeler.
It never changes from 0.
Printer upgrade.
The office philosopher gets deep.
It could go on forever.
Spoiler alert.

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