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Andres Kudacki claims he makes the photos to “document” but must “muster the strength” to work while people are “about to lose everything.” In the image, the police burst into the home of Maria Isabel Rodriguez Romero to evict her and her family in Madrid in September 2013. Romero and six members of his family have been living in an apartment for 24 years and had a debt of 1,200 euros. 

The common denominator Kudacki finds in evictions is that people are asking, “Why me now? Nobody help us because we are in crisis, but the banks themselves were rescued.” In the picture, Luisa González weeps at the postponement of eviction from his family and the demolition of his house after a condemnation that, she says, is a result of real estate speculation. 

Veronica Ariza cries while holding the hand of her husband and locks herself in her apartment during their eviction in Madrid in November 2013. They didn’t pay rent to Bankia for 15 months when he lost his job, and now the debt is 12,000 euros. 

Police evict activists trying to prevent the eviction of Susana Montoya in Madrid in July 2013. Montoya and her husband have three children and, from a year ago, occupy one floor of the Municipal Housing unable to afford to pay rent. 

Veronica Labradas stands outside her apartment while helping a man get his things after being evicted in October 2014. Labradas and her family occupied one floor for six months unable to pay rent because of losing their business. 

Maria Isabel Rodriguez Romero cries before the arrival of the police to evict her family in Madrid in September 2013. 

Carrasquilla Soledad Delgado, 53, unemployed -in the center of the image-receiving help from her daughter -on her right; her sister, on her left; her husband -on the upper left-hand and two members of the Platform Affected by Mortgage (PAH) -on the upper right and bottom of the photo to faint from a panic attack after postponing his eviction and his family in Madrid in October 2013. 

Friends and activists help Veronica Labradas taking pictures and bags after being evicted by police in Madrid in October 2014. 

Veronica Labradas, in the center of the image remains outside their home with their belongings after being evicted. 

Efren Gonzalez, 68, coverz her granddaughter, sleeping on the street after being evicted in Madrid in September 2013. Efren Rodriguez Gonzalez and six members of his family lived in an apartment for 24 years and their debt amounted to 1,200 euros. 


A truckload of waste reaches the dustbin of Siem Reap (Cambodia). It is estimated that in this place about 20 children work with their families.

Visit to the dump in a tourist stop. In the picture, a Japanese tourist covers her mouth and nose for the strong smell that landfill gases Siem Reap (Cambodia) cap.

Kon Mai, 15, on top of a mountain of garbage. He began working at the dump with 12 years and had to leave school because their parents continually needed to go from one place to another looking for work. They also work at the dump. He has five brothers, all underage. At home there are problems of domestic violence and he wants to leave as soon as possible. He has future plans to work in construction.

A Japanese tourist taking pictures with children working in the dump. Tourists take pictures and give candies to children. The city has the landfill as a tourist attraction.

Sueun Chany, 14, began working with 11 in the landfill. Her family consists of seven people. In the future she would like to be a teacher.

A Japanese tourist covered with a mask takes photos of children working in the dump.

Hael Kemra is 15 and in the future would like to be an English teacher. She began working at the dump with 10. It was her mother who brought her there to earn money.

The tourist bus departs leaving behind children with the candies and the photos that have been made. Korean, English and Japanese tourists usually visit the dustbin of Siem Reap (Cambodia).


Czuko Williams, who got the prize for “Hotel of the Stars”, recalls how a homeless person named the set of his photographs: “A man who had been security guard told me the first time the police stopped him and asked for his address, he said: ‘The hotel of the stars’. When the agent asked where was it, he replied: ‘Well, here, there, in the opposite corner …’ responded “. In the image, the Suite “Benetton” on the street Gran Via, 41 (Madrid).

Suite “El Corte Inglés”, in Princess Street, 1 (Madrid). “People see these people but not actually see them, they do not exist,” complains Williams.

Suite “El Raval”. Carrer de Ferlandina, 25. Museum of Contemporary Art (Barcelona).

Suite “Music Palace”. Calle Gran Via, 35 (Madrid).

Suite “Music Palace”. Calle Gran Via, 35 (Madrid).

Suite “Bankia”. Calle Gran Via, 44 (Madrid).

Suite “Capitol”. Calle Gran Via, 43 (Madrid).

Suite “Nadisar”. Calle Alcalá, 94 (Madrid).

Suite “The Park”. Parque de la Fuente del Berro (Madrid).

Suite “Benetton”. Ephemeral Memorial to Lourdes Vilches (Madrid).
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