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32 Shocking Photos From The Past

Imagine what the world will be like 150 years from now! Now, that’s a scary thought. Luckily cameras have been around since the early 1800s, and have been documenting history ever since. Here are 32 images from history that will make you appreciate all that we have now and make you think about what the world will be like in the future.
Woman Working In Fort Worth, TX – 1942
A Nurse Standing Outside An Influenza Camp – 1912
John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, And Other Members Of Their Staff Getting A Tour Of The Cape Canaveral Missile Test Annex – 1962
Opening Day At Disneyland – 1955
Members Of The American Nazi Party, To Include George Lincoln Rockwell, While Listening To A Speech From Malcom X – 1961

When Withdrawing From Soviet Territory, The German Troops Used A Railroad Plow To Destroy All Rail Tracks – 1944 

Nazi Officials Awarded Henry Ford With The Grand Cross Of The German Eagle – 1938 
Hubert’s Museum And Peep Show Located In Times Square – 1950
 During The Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens Took Home The Gold After Winning The Long Jump – 1936
Joseph Stalin Who Later Became The Leader Of The Soviet Union – 1902
 Actress Marlene Dietrich Welcomes Home A Soldier After He Returns From War – 1945
Behind The Scenes Of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood – 1991
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert – 1854
 In Singapore, The Royal Australia Air Force Checks Out Their Brewster Buffalo Fighter Planes Before Flight – 1941
After Being Convicted Of Murdering Her Husband, Ruth Snyder Was Electrocuted In A Sing Sing Prison – 1928
The Hindenburg On A Flight Over Newfoundland – 1936

A Parade Through Downtown Vancouver – 1942
 The Grand Canal Located In Venice, Italy – 1865
The Tanjor Pagar In The Victoria Dock – 1890
When V-Mail Arrived From Overseas, This Woman Carefully Divided Them – Date Unknown
The Cast From American Gladiators – 1989 – 1996
This Man Is Using Bank Notes As Wallpaper In Germany During The Hyperinflation – 1923
 Slaves Posing With Their Brazilian Slave Owner – 1860
During A Trip To The Soviet Republic Of Georgia, Fidel Castro Drinks Wine Out Of A Drinking Horn With Nikita Khrushchev – 1963
 Capturing The Time When The Edwardian Era Of Architecture Arrived In Brazil – 1900
An Elephant Jumping From A Monorail In Germany. The Elephant Survived And Lived For 40 More Years – 1950
 German SS Troops Posing For A Photo During The Berlin Summer Olympic Games – 1936

Goat Carriage Rides On Coney Island – 1900 
A Hockey Game Between The New York Rangers vs. Detroit Red Wings Playing Without Helmets – 1967
An Opium Den In Singapore – 1940
The Paris Opera House – 1892 
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