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20 Cute Little Animals Wrapped Up Like Burritos

It’s pretty much undeniable that when you take a cute animal and wrap them up in a cozy blanket they become infinitely cuter. Be prepared to have your heart melt.

1. This fluffy little head is a cozy burrito tree.

2. Triple the kitten purrito, triple the trouble.

3. Kimi the hedgehog insists on being snuggled.

4. We’ll take this over a real leopard anyday.

5. Who wants to cuddle?

6. Irresistibly cute saw-whet oil wrapped up in yellow during weigh-in.
Why yes, the blanket DOES match his eyes, and he thanks you for noticing.

7. The ruffles wrap.

8. This pup is sleepy and scrumptious.

9. It’s a bebeh spa sloth.

10. Doggie DIY burrito.


11. Tiny kitten burrito.

12. That tongue is sooo adorable.

13. The kitty-burrito canon.

14. Peek-a-boo I burrito you!

15. Pocket-sized bunny burrito.

16. The overstuffed burrito.

17. After Alice said NOM NOM NOM, she goes into a cozy nap.

18. What did I get myself into?

19. This wiener dog burrito.

20. Even bats are cute in burrito wraps!


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