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30 photographs that have marked the history forever and you should see at least once in your life

Since its invention, photography has totally changed the way we see history. A photograph taken at the right time can remain forever etched in our memories. To soak up the atmosphere and the highlights of the past, DGS share with you 30 photos sublime absolutely not to be missed!

A man refusing to Nazi hello 1936
Nikola Tesla sitting next to an advanced version of its coil
The tomb of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, Netherlands 1888
An Austrian children receiving new shoes during the Second World War
The organizers trying to stop the 1st woman to finish a marathon, Boston, 1967
The tomb of Tutankhamen still sealed 1922
workmen painting the Eiffel Tower, 1932
An unknown soldier in the Vietnam War, 1965
The first day of the Driving direction change in Sweden 1967
The introduction of animals in therapy, 1956
A worker doing mouth-to-mouth to a colleague who has made a shock, 1967
The cave inside an iceberg, 1911
Annette Kellerman that promotes the use of a one piece swimsuit in 1907, she will be arrested for indecent exposure
The last known photograph of the Titanic still operational in 1912
An Armenian woman 106 years keepeth his palace, 1990
Painters on the Brooklyn Bridge, 1914
The first edition of the Woodstock festival 1969
Disneyland employees in a cafeteria, 1961
The real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, 1927
Women delivering ice, 1918
The Beatles playing for 18 people before becoming famous, 1961
The first subway ride in the world, London, 1862
Customers in a record shop in London in 1955
A mother carries her baby in a pram tight, England, 1938
 Elvis Presley in the Army, 1958
A baby cage, supposed to give it fresh air and sunshine, 1937
A man measures the women swimwear. If he was too short, they received a fine in 1920
Salvador Dali kisses his muse Raquel Welch after finishing his portrait, 1965
A little girl with her doll in the ruins of his house in London, 1940
Smile Georges Blind, French Resistance, going to be shot by the Nazis in 1944

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