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Easy Mental Life Hacks

#1 Chew Gum When You’re Nervous

Something about chewing sends a signal to our brain that you are not in danger. After all, who has time to eat when you’re being chased by a lion? So the next time you’re about to do something that makes you nervous chew on some minty courage.
Chew Gum When You're Nervous

#2 Natural Eye Contact

If you want to get the advantage that comes with increased eye contact try to memorize the different colors in someone’s eyes. It will keep you focused but also help you avoid that creepy stare.
Natural Eye Contact

#3 Keep Your Enemies Closer

If you’re in a group and know that you’re about to be the enemy in the conversation, take your seat next to the person that’s likely to attack you. It will throw off the whole pack mentality thing.
Keep Your Enemies Closer

#4 See Who’s Close to Who

You can use this one in a lot of ways. Does somebody like you, or possible SOMEONE ELSE? Try noticing who they look at when they laugh in a group.
See Who's Close to Who

#5 Make Dates More Exciting

The next time they think of you they’ll get double (maybe even TRIPLE) excited.
Make Dates More Exciting

#6 Gossip Smart

Speak no evil. Say good things about others and they will know their reputation is safe with you. Complimenting people when they’re not around is a guaranteed way to gain trust. It will become second nature eventually and then you’ll actually be deserving of that trust. But you know…fake it ’til you make it ;)
Gossip Smart

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