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From Sunrise To Sunset

Whether at sunrise, sunset or the heart of the day, in the height of summer or engulfed by snow, photographer James Grant is convinced that the Peak District offers some of the most spectacular landscapes Great Britain has to offerThe parochial landscape photographer has a passion for hills and mountains, in particular those surrounding his home town of Matlock on the south eastern edge of the Peak District, although he also has a soft spot for the Lake District, Snowdonia and ScotlandThese images of rolling hills bathed in light and mist show the breadth of an already formidable mountain of work from the 26-year-old

Photographer James Grant is on a one-man mission to show the public how beautiful the Peak District and Great Britain really is
A rainbow frames the landscape of the Peak District's Stanage Edge, which is a popular destination for climbers
A fiery sunset colours rippling clouds that lord over a barn in the Peak District, as captured by Grant
A stunning sunset over Shutlingsloe hill, near the village of Wildboarclough in Cheshire
A sea of mist sits peacefully on the dry limestone valley known as Cave Dale in the Derbyshire Peak District
The Rushup Edge ridge, also in the Peak District in Derbyshire, rises from the mist as a raggedy tree defies gravity
The northern midlands' Hope Valley is covered in mist in this beautiful image captured at sunrise
Great Ridge peeks up through the fog - the ridges separates the vales of Edale and Castleton in Derbyshire's Peak District
The stunning Lumsdale Falls are a beauty to be hold at the best of times, highlighted only further by a delicate dusting of snow
Lose Hill stands proudly under the pink sky in the south-east corner of Edale parish, as seen from Pindale - to the east is Win Hill
The small but impossible-to-miss Parkhouse Hill, with its sharp top edge, is a distinctive feature of the district near the Staffordshire border
Mist encapsulates the rolling hills of Matlock in this moody photograph by James Ward
This spooky shot does little to dissuade us from believing the legend that Winnats Pass is haunted by a young couple murdered by miners
Alport Castles get their name from the protruding grit-stone mounds that from the distance look like a fortified structure 
The Alport Pool below the Alport Castle is bathed in sunshine in this shot taken during the middle of the day
The hugely popular climbing rock Meshuga features at the forefront of this moody shot by James
While walking through these autumnal Larch trees to Nether Hay, James decided to look back along the path he walked along
Kinder Scout, the highest point of the Peak District at 2,087 ft, is covered in cloud but it's no less a brilliant view from the road
Below the mist is the village of Baslow, in Derbyshire, between Sheffield and Bakewell and just north of the famous Chatsworth House
It's not all majestic natural masterpieces in the Peak District, the region has to work for a living with plants such as the Hope Cement Works
Wolfscote Dale is a peaceful and wonderful sight covered in snow as the river ripples through the landscape.
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