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Heartbreaking Photos That Show The Damage Pollution Has Done (30 pics)

Earth Day has come and gone but there's no reason why people can't be aware of the environment all year. Planet Earth is in rough shape. It needs a little TLC and these photos might motivate you to take action and make a difference.

Turtle Trapped In Plastic Waste Couldn't Grow 
Koala Lost Her Home 
Tortoise Trapped By Plastic
Bird In Oil Spill
Surfing On A Wave Full Of Trash In Java (Indonesia), The World’s Most Populated Island 
Albatross Killed By Excessive Plastic Ingestion In Midway Islands (North Pacific)  
Fake Hong Kong Skyline For Tourists
Stork Trapped In Plastic
He Spends Each Morning Looking For Recyclable Plastic That He Can Sell For 35 Cents Per Kilo To Help His Family
Oiled Penguins
Seal's Nose Trapped In Plastic Waste
Suffering Seal Not Safe In Its Own Habitat 
Boy Swimming In Polluted Water In India 
Child Drinks Water From Stream In Fuyuan County, Yunnan Province 
Bird In Oil Spill
Ken River Oil Field, California (USA) – Exploited Since 1899 
Worker Cleans Away Dead Fish At A Lake In Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province 
Mexico City Landscape, 20 Million Inhabitants

Girl Walks Through Smog In Beijing, Where Small-Particle Pollution Is 40 Times Over International Safety Standard 
Man Cleans Up Oil Spill In Dalian Port, Liaoning 
Child Swims In A Polluted Reservoir, Pingba 
Boy Swims In Algae-filled Water, Qingdao, Shandong 
Great Wall Of China, Shame

Residents Look At A Heavily Polluted River, Zhugao, Sichuan Province 
Landscape Full Of Trash In Bangladesh

Landfill In Accra (Ghana). Our Electronic Rubbish Usually Ends Up In Third-world Countries

Plastic Bag Floats In The Sea Off The Philippines. Ocean Plastic Has Turned Up Literally Everywhere - In The Deep Sea And Buried In Arctic Ice 
A Mute Swan Builds A Nest Using Plastic Garbage

Frog In Polluted Water

Over 3000 Dead Pigs Fished Out Of Huangpu River  he-damage.html#LTbWi6FAUmzvJtTW.99
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