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Spot the Photoshop Mistakes

#1 American Apparel

Los Angeles-based clothing retailer American Apparel is a favorite amongst hipsters and college students. Though the company understands how to incorporate culture in its marketing strategy, it doesn’t seem like their photo editing department is up to par. The rest of the horse seems to have disappeared!
American Apparel

#2 Adam Levine

Women everywhere seem to love Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. Not only is the guy a great performer, but he’s also got handsome looks to boot. In this Vogue photoshoot, something isn’t right with Levine’s slender figure. Where is the rest of his torso? Half of his chest is gone.
Adam Levine

#3 Candice Swanpoel

Candice is definitely the most popular of the Victoria’s Secret Angels right now. We can see why. She’s absolutely stunning — and you would think a model like Candice would need minimal photoshop. Looks like they ‘enhanced’ one side of her bust and left the other looking rather flat.
Candice Swanpoel

#4 Marisa Miller

Victoria’s Secret Angel Marisa Miller models a form-fitting red polo shirt for the company’s clothing catalog. Miller is stunning — as all the Angels are — but we know something is blatantly missing from the picture. Her left arm!
Marisa Miller

#5 H&M Evening

H&M launched a line of evening gowns last season and the collection included this dreamy blue gown. It’s not the first time we’ve seen something funny in H&M’s stock catalog pics, so where has this model’s left leg gone?
H&M Evening

#6 SimplyBe

SimplyBe’s website features lots of fun clothes for girls, and this adobe-colored dress sure caught our attention… for all the wrong reasons. What’s going on with this model’s fingers?!

#7 Where’s My Money?

This one might take you a second, but we have confidence in you! Give up? Look at the dude’s reflection in the car. Dude, where’s my giant check?
Where's My Money

#8 Gwyneth Paltrow

People magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman Alive Gwyneth Paltrow is a one-woman triple-threat. She acts, she sings, she cooks. And if this photo were to be believed she is also missing joints in her hip.
Gwyneth Paltrow

#9 Something’s Off

Something just doesn’t seem right here, we can’t quite put our finger on it . . . Can you? No human being can have this hip-less waist.
Something's Off

#10 This One’s Too Easy

Somewhere a digital photo editor woke up at 2AM and realized that they’dforgotten to fix something very important here . . . Where’s the rest of his magazine?
This One's Too Easy

#11 Ann Taylor Loft

Ann Taylor Loft is ready, selling these chic shorts… but something about the model’s anatomy just doesn’t look right. It appears she has a disembodied thumbhanging out of her pocket.
Ann Taylor Loft

#12 Beyonce’s Secret

Beyonce’s such a talented singer and actress as well as being a mom! How does she manage to do it all? The third arm might be her secret weapon.
Beyonce's Secret

#13 Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus had the idea of incorporating a bicycle in their catalog photo shoot. But what’s wrong here? We can see the front half of the bike, but where exactly is the rest of it?
Neiman Marcus

#14 Most of A Superhero

This german tool superhero goddess looks like she could kick your butt . . . Well, maybe half of your butt, ’cause she’s only got one leg!
Most of A Superhero

#15 Wait, What?

We are thoroughly confused by what they were going for here . . . Siamese child?
Wait, What

#16 Pretzel Logic

I’m pretty sure even in Taiwan they still have to follow the same laws of physicsas the rest of us . . . This girl’s pretzel-legs are physically impossible.
Pretzel Logic

#17 Alloy

Teen fashion catalog Alloy featured a model whose healthy skin tone and brightly-colored top just seemed to blend in with the lush autumn backdrop. Unfortunately they left a piece of the background right in front of her left arm . . . and where does her hand end?!

#18 Victoria’s Secret

She’s gorgeous. But do you think this Victoria’s Secret model is too skinny — or maybe abnormally skinny in one part of her body? Her waistline seems to magically disappear above her arms.
Victoria's Secret

#19 Is This Model Named ‘Lefty’?

Is this dress 20% off? Is Neiman Marcus making some sort of statement about our standards of beauty? Left arm not included . . .
This Model Named

#20 H&M

The H&M models all look different, but also look the same. What is wrong here? This is the exact same body with different heads painted on . . . lazy!

#21 Kiddie Pool

What could be wrong with this picture of a mother enjoying a kiddie pool with her children? There’s actually two big mistakes here . . . Look at where the mom’s left hand is and where her legs end!
Kiddie Pool

#22 Amber Valletta and Shalom Harlow

Something is missing in this Vogue fashion shoot. That’s a lovely purple raincoat, but where is this model’s other leg?
Amber Valletta and Shalom Harlow

#23 J. Crew

This J. Crew model wears the Jackie cardigan and shell twinset in this pic, but something is off with her body. Look between her legs; what’s going on there?
J. Crew

#24 Lana Del Rey

In this H&M ad from fall, singer Lana Del Rey models some skinny leather pants and a fluffy open-knit sweater. But something isn’t right; look at her shoulder and the outline of her arm in the sweater, they don’t match up at all!
Lana Del Rey

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