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Depressing Breakup Stories

#1 Totally Casual

Pretty sure that most people don’t move in with each other unless the relationship is serious. The whole concept of sharing bills with anyone requires a sense of commitment, never mind the family events! What a horrible thing to hear when you’re being dumped by the person you’d set yourself up to share a life with.
Totally Casual

#2 Depths of Emotions

This seems to have “ultimate hipster breakup” written all over it. Who cheats on their girlfriend at a funeral?! It’s okay Elizabeth, you’ll find someone better who doesn’t give so much attention to his “depths of emotions”.
Depths of Emotions

#3 To Catch a Cheater

It’s impossible to have sympathy for Lina here. Good for Tim, breaking up with her on the spot. We hope Tim ends up with a real woman who treats him like he deserves to be treated. As for Lina and John, hope they can learn to be better people in the future!
To Catch a Cheater

#4 Bad Hair Day

Some may say this is a horrible breakup. You’d naturally think about how severe of a jerk this guy must have been, but have you momentarily considered how bad of a haircut that may have been? … just kidding, that guy’s a total waste of a boyfriend. Hope he doesn’t break too many more hearts.
Bad Hair Day

#5 New Years Resolution

What is it about the holidays that brings out the breakups? It’s total insult to injury when you get dumped as your partner’s resolution to be a better person. It’s okay buddy, let it out. You’ll probably find someone else to kiss at midnight when the new year rolls around.
New Years Resolution

#6 Two Weeks Notice

Man, that must have been some demanding marriage to be a part of! Divorce over being out of work for a single pay period? She did him a favor by making her greedy motives known when she did. Imagine how she would have reacted to the economic recession that would happen somewhere around their 10th anniversary!
Two Weeks Notice

#7 The Seventh Grade Itch

Nothing beats your first love. Ben was probably crazy for this cute girl he was “dating” in the 7th grade. At least she had the manners to create a pretty break-up note. She could have just written it on a plain piece of college ruled and folded it the lame way!
The Seventh Grade Itch

#8 The Harvard Girl

Kudos for getting into Harvard, but man that was a low blow! Imagine the shock on that poor guy’s face when he returned only to discover that she had left anyway. Who says a long distance relationship wouldn’t have worked? He deserved the right to at least have time to react…
The Harvard Girl

#9 Merry Christmas!

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a request to breakup. Actually, this doesn’t really count as a request to breakup. It’s more like a demand. A demand that he couldn’t even bother being awake to make.
Merry Christmas

#10 Move In to Break Up

This guy was a grade-A tool! After three years of dating, the guy cheats on her and kicks her out? Then he demands to use her stuff to make Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah, we’d need therapy too. Poor girl!
Move In to Break Up

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