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Unbelievable Cake Art

#1 Monkeys on a Bed Cake

Admit it, we’ve all sung (and acted out) that old ditty “Monkeys on a Bed”. Thisfirst birthday cake depicts monkeys in action. We don’t know what we love more: how elegant this cake is or how cute the monkeys’ expressions are.
Monkeys on a Bed Cake

#2 Lego Cake

Oh wow. The layer of white fondant covering this cake is strategically peeled back to show layers and layers of colorful Lego blocks. Stunning!
Lego Cake

#3 Octopus Cake

This cake is ridiculous. Whoever made this had some mad skills. Texture, shading, and depth on the tentacles all make us feel like this octopus is real.
Octopus Cake

#4 Dr. Seuss Cake

For the Dr. Seuss fan inside us all! The cake artist has managed to make this identical to the illustrations in our favorite Seuss books. Seriously, how do they do it?
Dr. Seuss Cake

#5 The Wizard of Oz Cake

Wow. Tiers depict the Emerald City, ruby slippers, Tin Man, Yellow Brick Road, and even the blue checkered material of Dorothy’s dress. We don’t think the artist left any element of the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz” out.
The Wizard

#6 Giraffe Cake

A baby and momma giraffe are just chilling alongside grass and flowers in this stunning cake. What we want to know is how the artist managed to get that butterfly to hang in midair.
Giraffe Cake

#7 Candy Cake

This cake has us drooling just looking at it. Chocolate, bonbons, lollipops and topped with ice cream? All our favorite candies and then some, all in one place.
Candy Cake2

#8 Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

Wow. Those flowers are just incredible. Check out the petals gently drifting off. Subtle details makes this cake, and it’s artist, a star.
Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake

#9 Angry Birds Cake

Have an Angry Birds gamer in your house? Get them this cake. Those angry little birds look so adorable we almost don’t want to eat them. Almost.
Angry Birds Cake

#10 Beer Bucket Cake

It’s hard to believe this beer bucket cake’s not the real thing. How on earth did the cake artist manage to create that ice?
Beer Bucket Cake

#11 Paisley Cake

The cake artist layers wild and exotic colors in paisley designs on top of a subtle pastel fondant cake. This whimsical cake has us yearning for the 70’s.
Paisley Cake

#12 Up Cake

We dare you to find us someone who doesn’t love the 2009 Disney-Pixar movie “Up”. Now find us someone who doesn’t love cake. Add those together and you’ve got this: a lovely masterpiece no one can resist.
Up Cake

#13 Pixar Cake

All our favorite Pixar characters have their own section in this tiered cake. Perfect for a hardcore Pixar fan.
Pixar Cake

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