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Realistic Disney Characters

#1 Belle

Belle may always have her nose in a book, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a cute nose. When pictured like this, Belle could easily be just a regular girl in a bookstore (the one you were thinking about giving your number to).

#2 Ariel

Chances are if you were a little girl (or boy) in the 90s, you, at one point or another, went around singing Ariel’s wordless song and you dolphin-kicked inswimming pools pretending you were a mermaid. No? Just us then? Point is, we really like seeing Ariel as a real person (or real half-person…or whatever).

#3 Aurora

Given the age of the film and the prevalence of Sleeping Beauty images on whatever the latest Disney toy is, Aurora is almost unrecognizable in her Briar Rose ensemble.

#4 Cinderella

One thing we really like about this series of portraits in that each character is depicted as they are throughout most of the film, rather than in their ballroom glory. It’s very rare to see Disney’s Cinderella dressed in something other than the light blue gown and famous glass slippers.

#5 Alice

We think Jirka does a great job of capturing the spirit of these characters. Little Alice seems in awe, curious, and maybe just a bit afraid, as one probably should in Wonderland.Alice

#6 Pocahontas

Sure, the Disney version (and by default, the commonly accepted Western version) of Pocahontas’s tale are romanticized to the utmost. It wouldn’t make a very good children’s movie if the heroine was half the age of her love interest, and was later captured and held for ransom, and died in her early 20s.

#7 Snow White

The Disney Princess franchise is now huge (I mean really, there’s a Disney Princess version of everything. It’s like Hello Kitty), but Snow White was the very first.
Snow White

#8 Esmeralda

Esmeralda’s an oft-forgotten character. “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is quite different than most animated Disney films. No princess, no prince. Themes of religious persecution. Good fun.

#9 Jasmine

We love seeing just how realistic Jirka Väätäinen was able to make Jasmine. It’s easy for 2D characters to end looking very, well, flat, and we have to admire the detail here.

#10 Ursula

We find this version of Ursula unbelievably creepy and therefore unbelievably awesome. She has such exaggerated features in the movie and we think it’spretty cool to see them in the flesh.

#11 Mulan

Pretty spot on, eh? Mulan really doesn’t get enough credit. No, she’s not a princess, but she saved China! And she was a real person!

#12 Tiana

Notice, not the frog version. That would be weird.
We know that Jirka Väätäinen’s images are photo-manipulations and not straight up drawings, so we have to wonder whose eyes he used to get that twinkle Tiana has.

#13 Jane

You kind of forget about Jane, don’t you? “Tarzan” was big when it came out but it hasn’t really had the staying power of other Disney films. All that aside, we never realized how close a resemblance Jane bears to Maggie Gyllenhaal.

#14 Rapunzel

We like Rapunzel. She’s a lot like us, really: creative, a bit wacky, spent most of her life in a single room…
Point is, this looks remarkably like the animation.

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